Light and Sound Study
OLIO Enterprises, Inc.
December 2022 – March 2023

HYPOTHESIS: The utilization of light or sound therapy for fifteen-minute sessions in a safe environment over a three-month period, at two-week intervals, will yield a diminution of negative thoughts, reduction in overall desolate mood, and an alleviation of anxiety.

VARIABLES: Independent variables included study participants, the environment, the light lamp and the high frequency healing meditative music. Dependent variables included the date of the session, the Mood and Feelings Questionnaire© Score and time.

FINDINGS: Over time, the Mood and Feelings Questionnaire© (MFQ) score decreased as study participants were subject to light or sound therapy for fifteen-minute sessions in a safe environment. Decreased MFQ© scores indicated a depreciated stress level, improved mood and a decline in negative thoughts.

Each study participant, the majority clients of STREST™, signed a Light and Sound Therapy Study consent form and agreed to the following terms:

  • I agree to complete a mood questionnaire prior to each therapy session.
  • I agree to participate in four to six sessions within a three-month period.
  • I agree to not have my cellular device on my person during the session.
  • I understand that recommendations from the manufacturer of the light lamp will be followed.
  • I understand that I can also secure traditional counseling and/or speak to a medical provider regarding
  • medication and/or holistic remedies.
  • I understand that I may withdraw my consent at any time and discontinue as a study participant.

The study began in December 2022 and ceased in March 2023.

The Mood and Feelings Questionnaire: Short Version©1 was utilized. The questionnaire poses statements exploring a participant’s feelings over the last two-week timeframe. The MFQ©, an adult self-report inventory, consists of thirteen questions to which three answers are possible: not true = 0, sometimes true = 1 and true about you most of the time = 2. Each statement correlates with three columns coinciding with the three probable answers. Scores were calculated based upon answers identified. Christine Langley-Obaugh, M.Ed., Founder of STREST™ and CEO of OLIO Enterprises, Inc.2, computed scores for research outcomes.

Conclusions are based on subject averages over six Light and Sound Therapy Study sessions.


1Copyright Adrian Angold & Elizabeth J. Costello, 1987; Developmental Epidemiology Program; Duke University. 2OLIO Enterprises, Inc.,